Friday, December 4, 2009

12.04.09 Update: This is new, a card to AVOID

For the first time in this blog's 67 odd day existence, I finally have a card to avoid. It is time to avoid this card because it has only ONE top prize left and the odds are simply better elsewhere right now, in fact the odds are better pretty much anywhere right now. Maybe they'll recharge this card and get it off the schnide but I doubt it as it is one of the Christmas Themed cards. It is the $50,000 Holiday Cash ($3) scratcher. It has shed just a tremendous amount of value and should be steered clear of.

Super 7's continues with its $1,000 hot spot.

AND if you were one of the lucky Second Chance winners congratulations. The next second chance drawing is coming for the ($2) Money Madness cards. Deadline to get those cards in is Tuesday December 8th.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, finally they got around to posting the new scratcher info for us pleebs. I must say that the new bunch show some great promise (well except for a notable exception) read on and find out MOAR!

Game 013 - Beat the Dealer ($1) - Top Prizes $2,000 - $100 - $50
Oh look, another one dollar throw away card to beat on. Seriously, if I have said it before I have said it at least 355 times, if you only have $1 to play the lottery, save yourself another dollar and buy a $2 card. Especially when the $2 cards released in this go around are actually pretty nice comparative to what is out there now. Initial Recommendation on this card, a resounding 'Meh' which translates to HOLD.

Game 014 - All the Money ($2) - Top Prizes $22,000 - $1,000 - $250
This car boasts the best back of the card odds of any offering at this price point right now. A nice top prize and a cool grand in the second prize tier. A solid 64% EV put this card in the upper echelons of the $2 price point, and definitely better than any of the $1 offerings. Initial Recommendation, Better than a quick poke in the eye, could be a real sleeper as far as prizes go, so BUY.

Game 015 - Wild Cherry Doubler ($2) - Top Prizes $20,000 - $300 - $125
What this card has going for it is a TON of lower prizes, I mean the prizes off this card fall off a cliff, from a $20,000 top ALL THE WAY down to a $300 second prize. What this means is that you won't get rich off of this card BUT you will have fun raking in the metric ton of lower prizes available. In fact it has the best odds at snatching up a prize at the silver level ($11-$25) than any other $2 scratcher. So for the initial recommendation I say this card COULD make your day just a little brighter, so BUY.

Game 016 - Money Mania ($5) - Top Prizes $100,000 - $2,000 - $300
So now we get to the new $5 offering from the ASL. Let me just say, I LIKE this card. It has the best odds a the Bronze ($1-$10), Silver ($11-$25) and Gold ($26-$99) dollar prize levels, and the second best odds at the Platinum ($100+ excluding the top prize) level of ANY card on the board (exception of course is the steroid fueled $10 Jackpot Card). This is the best card on the board right now out of the gate, and thus gets my highest recommendation. STRONG BUY!

And the rest.
$1 tier, 3 Times Lucky and Money Bags. Yawn! IGNORE.
$1 tier, Candy Cane Cash. Similar yawn, HOLD.
$2 tier, Arkansas Riches and Stocking Stuffer. IGNORE. Time to either re-up Arkansas Riches or put the old warhorse to bed.
$2 tier, Jumbo Bucks. Ditto, HOLD
$2 tier, Money Madness and Crazy 8's. MILD BUY, better buys on the board.
$3 tier, Holiday Cash. BUY
$5 tier $100,000 Cash Bonanza. HOLD
$5 tier $uper 7s, Hot Spot, so MILD BUY.
$10 tier $500,000 Jackpot. Strong numbers still on this one, still $10 though, BUY.

11.29.09 Update: Delays, delays...

Well since the lottery commission had the weekend off they obviously decided NOT to post any numbers for their new cards (starting tomorrow). I guess no one at the commission could be bothered to pre-make the web-pages and then spend oh, two minutes on Friday logging in remotely from wherever they were and turned them on. Cripes! Numbers as soon as I get them. Were just waiting on YOU Lottery Commission...