Friday, October 30, 2009

Update 10.30.09 : Where to watch your balls.

Powerballs that is. Yesterday it was announced that KARK NBC4 will be the station that will locally air the Powerball drawings at 9:59PM On Wednesdays and Saturdays. The drawings are held at the Universal Studios in Orlando (Mickeyland) Florida. go ahead, go there, take a look at the Powerball odds, go ahead, they're right there off the front page, I'll wait... RIDICULOUS aren't they? You are better off at buying a scratcher for a prize totaling $100 or more! Don't believe me? Approximate odds to win a $100 prize or more.

  • $2 Arkansas Riches, 1 in 2557
  • $2 Jumbo Bucks, 1 in 1808
  • $2 Money Madness, 1 in 1209
  • $2 Crazy 8's, 1 in 13310 (why I was never huge on this card!)
  • Powerball starts at 1 in 13,644! for a $100 Prize!
 So play Powerball alone at your own risk, realizing you will never see that cash again. The reason I say alone, is that Powerball teams, are definitely the way to go to play this Multi-State Lottery. Where people pool their money together, buy a large amount of tickets and then find some fair and equitable way to split the winnings. You are going to want as many tickets in the game as possible to bring those astronomical odds down, to at least the Stratosphere anyhoo!

Card Recommendations remain right where they are. Here is a small update, On November 10th the new slate of scratchers come out, for $10 you can buy a chance at $500,000! Posted Odds on the back of the card for the $500,000 prize? 1 in 1,000,000 (even!) Good Luck this weekend, I'll see you all at the Powerball Party (maybe)

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