Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reported by: Cecillea Pond-Mayo, KARK 4 News

The Arkansas Lottery Commission approved 3 new games to begin early 2010. They include Cash 4, MegaMillions, and an instant win add-on to draw games.

So what does this mean. Well along with the Cash 3 (pick three numbers, should be a daily game) we are going to get a Cash 4 (pick four numbers, again should be daily), Mega Millions (Like Powerball with better odds, say the odds of an ice cube in hell rather than the odds of a snow cone in hell), and an instant win add-on to draw games (actually kind of a neat idea, I saw it last summer in New York if it is what I am thinking of. When you buy a Cash 3 ticket for example, if you buy the instant win booster then the machine prints out a quickie game piece right on your ticket for the possibility of an instant win). Do not know the odds of those add ons yet, but I have applauded the transparency of the Arkansas Lottery so far in such matters, so when they post the odds I will analyze them for you.

NEW SCRATCHERS are already coming in on December 1st. (yep, that soon!) From what I can cull so far they are...

  • MONEY MANIA (unknown dollar amount, unknown top prize) Looks to be another premium card however.
  • WILD CHERRY DOUBLER (unknown dollar amount and prize)
  • ALL THE MONEY (unknown dollar amount and prize) presumably not "All The Money" however.
  • BEAT THE DEALER (Looks to be a $1 card, unknown prize) I have a soft spot in my heart for all poker based cards, we'll see what the numbers look like!
Odds Should be released on November 27th, so take a break from Black Friday shopping and check out my recommendations!

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