Friday, December 11, 2009

Pick Three is coming next Monday

GEE! Hasn't it been awhile since you blogged? Why yes, yes it has, it's been busy, so sorry. They have posted all of the new and exciting ways that they plan to take cash out of your pockets! PICK THREE, it starts Monday and by a preliminary crunching of the numbers I can give you this preview. The top prize is smaller than any scratcher on the board ($500) but the odds MORE than make up for it! And with such exotic plays like boxing, there is a few nice ways to make some decent scratch, not retirement scratch mind you, but "make your day a little more brighter" scratch to be sure.

FOR example. Let's take $2 and try to win $40 (a 20X payback). Here is the odds for that prize (or close to it) for each of the two dollar scratchers in play.

  • Wild Cherry Doubler Win $40. 1 in 401.
  • All The Money Win $35. 1 in 299.
  • Stocking Stuffer Win $40. 1 in 401.
  • Money Madness Win $50. 1 in 333.
  • Jumbo Bucks Win $30. 1 in 445.
  • Crazy 8's Win $50. 1 in 2486.
  • Arkansas Riches Win $40. 1 in 264.
If you  play a 6 Way Box for 4 different number combinations in the Pick Three. You cover 24 unique numbers. AND if you make it a 50 cent wager, you pay $2.00. The odds of winning $40 with this set of circumstances? 1 in 41.6! Which bests even the best scratcher odds by a factor of over six!

I urge you to go over to and check out the complete rules for the PICK THREE game. I will have a complete workup on Monday along with some recommendations for what to play.

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