Friday, November 6, 2009

11.06.09 Update: Now just hold everything!

Arkansans bought Over $1M in Powerball tickets for the first drawing. Powerball paid out to Arkansans $98,832 in winnings. That sets the EV (Expected Value) of a powerball ticket at no better than 9.8%. So based on the last drawing, for every dollar you spend on a Powerball ticket you can expect to get roughly 9.8 cents back!

Let's compare that to the EV of the scratchers.

  • 3 Times Lucky (59.6%)
  • Money Bags (59%)
  • Arkansas Riches (63.3%)
  • Jumbo Bucks (65%)
  • Money Madness (62.3%)
  • Crazy 8's (62.6%)
  • $100,000 Cash Bonanza (68.8%)
  • $uper 7s (68.3%)
  • POWERBALL (9.8%)
Digest that the next time you are in line to buy a Powerball ticket. Again the smart thing is to organize a Powerball club. Smaller individual risk, smaller return, but more chances to win. My little club is on track to purchase 50 tickets (with power play) for this Saturday's drawing.

SO why a hold on every scratcher? Because this is the time when you should hold your money in antici.... (SAY IT!) pation for the new scratcher release. A Christmas themed release with 3 of the four scratchers following suit. The scratcher that does not have a Christmas theme will be Arkansas' first $10 scratcher, Top Prize $500,000! I WILL be breaking down the numbers all weekend, and give you my detailed recommendation on Monday. Until then the smart money says "save me"!

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