Friday, November 13, 2009

FRIDAY THE 13th update of **DOOM**

Ok not really. With 12 available scratchers out there the numbers are not as volatile as they used to be, the result of this being fewer updates as the numbers don't change NEARLY as much as they used to. As of right now all recommendations hold right where they are. There were two BIG winners over the last few days, someone hit the $2 Stocking Stuffer and the $2 Jumbo Bucks for one top prize each, congratulations! Arkansas had a coupe of $10,000 powerball winners, good for all of you. As for myself, I am in a lottery dead streak, I can't seem to buy a winner lately, *shrug* ah well, it's going to a good cause. (or at least it better, we'll be wathing you legislature!)

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